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Anemia and Elective Surgery

Anemia and Elective Surgery

Anemia and elective surgery

Anemia is an important concern for patients who are getting certain types of surgery. Surgeries like hip or knee replacement may involve a high loss of blood. With loss of blood, there is a greater chance you may need a blood transfusion. Depending on how low your hemoglobin levels are and how this is impacting you, your healthcare provider may decide to delay your surgery until your hemoglobin levels can be increased.

Talk to your healthcare provider to determine if you could be anemic. Only your healthcare provider can determine if you have anemia and decide on the course of treatment that is right for you.

What is elective surgery?

Elective surgery is surgery that is planned in advance. It is not urgently required due to an emergency. Examples may include hip- or knee-replacement surgery. Many people choose to have elective surgery at some point in their lives.

You can prepare in advance for elective surgery. Depending on the type of surgery, prior to the procedure, you and your healthcare provider may discuss your treatment options if there is a possibility of significant blood loss during the procedure.

Major surgery can cause significant blood loss. Your red blood cell count may become too low.